Happy Clients

Forage is just talk without actual clients’ success to back it up. So let’s keep the copy short on this one and get right to the results.

Here are a few examples of actual sites built with Forage.

screenshot of Campendium.com/camping
Campendium is a website used by 60,000 users a month, and Forage powers the blog side of things.
screenshot of kjkrug.com
Corporations have different needs than small businesses and folk bands. While the site you’re currently on showcases how playful Forage can be, KJKrug.com illustrates how professional the theme can be, when required.
screenshot of landethicspnw.com
The first site ever built with Forage is still one of the best.
screenshot of ylfresh.com
Of course, corporate doesn’t always have to mean strict. The new YLFresh.com shows the perfect blend of professional and playful that Forage is more than happy to accommodate.

So it looks good, the numbers are there…what are you waiting for?

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