WordPress, Optimized & Perfected

Okay so by now you know that WordPress powers around 1/3rd of the web, right? Maybe you also know that it’s backed by a team of thousands of developers, designers and users who are constantly testing it, improving it, and using it successfully to power everything from cooking blogs to million dollar websites.

If you want the details on exactly why WordPress + Forage is the best WordPress setup you can find for $999, you can read all about that here.

There’s more to it than just making your life easy, your business smooth, and your customers happy though. Here’s a little nerdy, behind the scenes stuff for those of you who are interested.


Most WordPress themes will get the job done. Many will look great doing it. However, very few will do it all and do it quickly.

Sites that run on Forage consistently score a Pagespeed score of 90 or better.

showing a 96 score on Pagespeed
Pagespeed score of 90 Mobile / 96 Desktop. See for yourself.

So what exactly is Pagespeed? It’s Google’s tool to measure how well your site is built. And while in the long run it’s your users that matter, how are they going to find you if you don’t make Google happy?

So why does Forage score so high when other themes fail to even hit the 70s?

Minimizing HTTP Requests

When you allow users to manage options, things like what colors they’ll use, fonts, things like that, the easiest way to do it is to just load them up one by one as they’re needed.

Want the cool effect where someone clicks on an image and it opens up a little window that lets you scroll through all images on the page? Load a script, load a CSS file.

Want to make it easy to share your content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest? That’s four more scripts, maybe another stylesheet or two.

Colors, fonts, forms, more functionality…every one of these load more and more stylesheets. When a client comes to me and asks me to clean up his site, I typically find it has somewhere around 17 scripts and stylesheets.

Forage loads up one or two. While more scripts can be called when needed, I load up a stylesheet that makes your site look like it does, and the rest happens in the footer. If you want a Google Font, that’s one more.

Two, or 17? It’s like golf, the lower the number, the better you’re doing.

Hosting Built for WordPress

All of the optimization in the world isn’t going to save you if your host isn’t going to load your site as quickly as possible. That’s why I require all Forage clients to use my hosting service, basically a reselling of Flywheel Hosting (though you can also get your own account with them, too, if you’d like).

Caching, security, and simply fantastic support all on top of what I’ve found to be the best in WordPress managed hosting means faster loading sites, which means a happier Google and happier users.

Less Plugins

Some of the most popular plugins out there do things like help you manage SEO, cache your site’s pages, minimize image file sizes and allow you to add things like forms and social sharing buttons to your site.

Forage comes with all of this built right in, and completely optimized.

This not only saves you time, makes your site a helluva lot faster, and more secure…but thanks to various licenses I have, you save $199 / year.

Optimized Plugins

It’s not just about less, it’s about making certain that plugins that are essential are served up properly. Take Gravity Forms for example. While it’s a great way to easily create forms that are incredibly powerful, it’s another culprit when it comes to loading up stylesheets, scripts and additional files in general. I take all of that, compress it down to it’s bare bones, make it even more beautiful when it’s finally output, and the end result?

Perfection in a WordPress theme.

You want the fastest WordPress site available for under $1000?

Forage is waiting!

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