Calls to Action Content Type

This page is useful for testing colors from the Options page. The links in the header & footer should respect their settings (usually just black or whatever the main highlight color is), while the links below will change on hover and visit. Buttons shouldn’t change, even if visited.

This is a link. Don’t click it or you’ll fowl it up!

This is a visited link. It should be the same color as when hovering over the link above.

Next we’ll do the buttons. This one links to Google, and so is a “visited” link, but we don’t want it to appear so:


This links to some crazy place, don’t click it!

This is a really, really long button that has a ton of text and what happens to that text if it has to go to two lines?

This is an HTML Submit Input

And below you can test the inverse properties, because that call to action that follows should be the opposite sauce.

What’s up, CTA?!

This is my regular text with a link and a visited link.

Click Here